Expansion Hemotech & Hema.T Pollet Medical Group

Pollet Medical Group integrates Hemotech & Hema.T Medical

Pollet Medical Group, part of Pollet Group and mainly known for its water treatment activities under Pollet Water Group, integrates Hemotech & Hema.T Medical into their group. Both French companies are renomated experts in the market of hemodialysis and apheresis for dialysis centres and hospitals.

Hemotech & Hema T. Medical deliver high quality medical devices intended to dialysis and apheresis. Hemotech was founded back in 1988 with 2 activities: dialysis and transfusion. Today Hemotech is the biggest independent company on the French dialysis market offering a full range of products for dialysis. Per year Hemotech sells more than 1 million dialyzers (also referred as artificial kidneys), 20.000 catheters, 4 million liters of dialysis concentrates and over 1.000.000 blood tubing sets. The company has 3000 dialysis machines running.

​In 2006 the company founded Hema.T Medical, a sister company that was dedicated to therapeutic apheresis. This medical technology is a specialised treatment that selectively removes specific proteins or other targeted abnormal substances from a person’s blood. Pollet Medical Group already expanded with the takeover of Sterima in february of this year. Following the takeover of Sterima earlier this year, Pollet Group brought all its medical activities together under the Pollet Medical Group.