Sterima & Circular Flanders make the healthcare sector sustainable

BISSEGEM – 17 innovative projects are receiving a boost following a Circular Flanders project call to support circular healthcare. A grant of almost 1.7 million euros, divided among these diverse projects, lays a solid foundation for further innovation and development in the field of sustainability within our Flemish healthcare sector. Sterima, part of Pollet Medical Group, plays an active role in two of the 17 projects. In doing so, Sterima is making a valuable contribution to the pursuit of a more sustainable future for healthcare in Flanders.

Circular Flanders

Circular Flanders is an initiative that promotes the transition to a circular economy in Flanders. In the healthcare sector, this means a shift towards sustainable solutions, reducing waste, promoting reuse and introducing circular products. By managing materials more efficiently and embracing reuse, the healthcare sector can significantly reduce its current carbon footprint. Together with companies such as Sterima, which have long been committed to this theme, Circular Flanders now wants to take concrete action in the healthcare sector with these 17 projects.

Sterima stands out as a full-service provider, innovator and pioneer in sterilising medical equipment. Sterima is part of Pollet Medical Group, active worldwide in water treatment, concentrates and sterilisation for hospitals, medical companies and dialysis centres.

The support of ‘Circular Flanders’ confirms the confidence in Sterima’s circular solutions with, in this case, a specific focus on reusable care sets. Traditionally, wound care instruments are often considered single-use and end up in medical waste after a single use. Sterima’s sustainable alternative in the form of reusable sets offers a high-quality, locally produced and circular solution to this.

Two projects, one goal: sustainable care

Sterima is actively committed to two of the 17 projects aimed at making care in Flanders more environmentally friendly. The first project, aimed at making wound care more sustainable, aims to provide an improved alternative to disposable instruments. In cooperation with UZ Gent, in which we as Sterima play a supporting role, we are introducing reuse and defining best practices. Our aim is not only to reduce material waste, but also to set a new standard for efficient care by providing the necessary sets.

The second project, Dental Loop, aims to expand Sterima’s range of reusable dental sets in Belgian hospitals. Together with various partners, hospitals and knowledge institutes, Sterima wants to take a closer look at the dental set, and by extension, the entire process of the set. Some of the questions we are asking are: What about the return flow? What requirements should the instruments and sets meet? Are hospitals and doctors willing to participate in the return flow? What impact does the switch to reusable material have on waste? Etc.

Future steps and sustainable impact

Thanks to the grants, the selected projects started in December 2023 and have a duration of up to 2 years. The support from ‘Circular Flanders’ means not only a financial push, but also a boost to further develop and innovate the sustainable concept of care sets. This initiative is in line with the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governmental) commitment rolled out internationally by Pollet Medical Group under the name ‘The Green Wave’. Through this, Pollet Medical Group encourages and promotes sustainability and social wellbeing in all aspects of their operations.

Interested in this topic and want to know more?

Find out all the details and further developments via the Circular Flanders website and at

Together, we are working towards a more sustainable future for the healthcare sector.

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