Hema.T Medical, sister company of Hemotech, was founded in 2006. Hema.T Medical is dedicated to therapeutic apheresis. This medical technology allows to subtract toxic macromolecules from plasma. It is applied for several medical specialities and covers multiple pathologies, including diabetic, vascular, renal, neurological, hematological and ophthalmological diseases… Hema.T has been a pioneer in introducing the Rheopheresis technique in France.

With over 30% of the therapeutic apheresis market, Hema.T Medical invests and participates in clinical studies to keep on innovating. The company supports healthcare teams in using products and therapies in more than 100 public and private hospitals in France and its overseas territories.

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Hema.T Medical

19 avenue de l’Europe – CS 52278
31522 Ramonville St Agne Cedex


CEO: Emmanuel Lestrade
COO: Philippe Leclerc
T +33 (0)5 61 75 27 28