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Sterima is a provider of sterilisation services for hospitals & medical device companies. Over the past few years, Sterima went through an important transition. The company evolved from a product to a service provider.

By offering sterilisation of reusable surgical instruments, Sterima became a pioneer in the outsourcing of sterilisation services. The growing collaboration between hospitals and industry for central sterilisation is an unstoppable trend. We provide modular, tailored solutions, both on-site, off-site or through a shared services model.

Additionally, Sterima is provider of standard procedure sets & trays with reusable instruments. The steady growth and expansion of Sterima led to a new ultramodern site in Liege (Bierset) beginning of 2019.

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Our added value

  • Total solutions in the form of services and concepts
  • Quality management by means of effective, flexible and compliant processes
  • ISO & EC Certificates
  • Ultra modern facilities
  • Technological innovation in track & trace, automation, application of RFID,...
  • Experienced in mastering logistics in health care

Our Offer

  • Reprocessing of surgical instruments and loaner sets to hospitals and medical device companies
  • Reprocessing and distribution of standard procedure sets & trays with reusable instruments to hospitals
  • Hemodialysis solutions
  • Integrated medical logistics

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