Pollet Medical Group was founded in 2019. In that year, Pollet Group acquired the companies Sterima, Hemotech, HEMA.T Medical & Hemotech Belux. Pollet Group was already a prominent player in the haemodialysis sector thanks to its 2 German companies DWA and Herco Medical. Both companies are globally active in the production of water treatment, concentrate supply and media panels for dialysis centres. Sterima specialises in sterilisation services for hospitals & medical companies. Hemotech & HEMA.T Medical provide high quality products and services for dialysis and apheresis in France. Medicole, meanwhile renamed Hemotech Belux, is, like its French sister company, a specialist in haemodialysis and extracorporeal treatments. Through the integration of 6 specialised companies into Pollet Medical Group, the Belgian family business acts as a solid group with specific knowledge, know-how and expertise. Each of the Pollet Medical Group companies forms an indispensable link in the whole. They are all family businesses with the same DNA, local roots and an excellent reputation. Moreover, the group can count on production facilities in Germany and Belgium. Thanks to the combined experience, the complementary activities and the international character, Pollet Medical Group plays a role as European leader, manufacturer and full-service provider for hospitals, medical companies and dialysis centres.Passionate about what we do, we all share the same ambition to excel as reliable experts. Pollet Medical Group: offering medical excellence.

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Every project we undertake. Every milestone we reach. Every innovation we develop: water connects us. We are Pollet Group, a global network that treats water, shapes pool projects and improves healthcare. From water treatment solutions to pool products to medical care: we offer the same precision, the same quality, the same can-do, will-do drive, constantly innovating to help people squeeze every drop out of every day. Passionate about what we do, we all share the same single ambition to excel as trusted experts. Pollet Group: Water, Pool, Medical XPRTS.


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Activities: Water - Medical - Pools
+1800 employees
+45 companies
Subsidiaries in 17 countries
Founded in 1969
Family-owned business