Hemotech delivers high quality medical devices intended for dialysis. Founded back in 1988, Hemotech has been supplying a full range of products for dialysis for more than 3 decades. Ranked 2nd on the French hemodialysis market, Hemotech annually sells more than 1 million dialyzers (also referred to as artificial kidneys), 20.000 catheters, 4 million liters of dialysis concentrates and over 1 million blood tubing sets.

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Hema.T Medical, sister company of Hemotech, was founded in 2006. Hema.T Medical is dedicated to therapeutic apheresis. This medical technology allows to subtract toxic macromolecules from plasma. It is applied for several medical specialities and cover multiple pathologies, including diabetic, vascular, renal, neurological, hematological and ophthalmological diseases…

Hemotech Belux

Hemotech Belux was founded in 2001 as Medicole, a specialist in hemodialysis and extra-corporeal treatments. In 2019, Medicole was acquired by Pollet Medical Group, a Belgian family-owned company whose companies operate worldwide in the medical sector. One of those strong companies is Hemotech a fixture in the French market.

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Sterima is a provider of sterilisation services for hospitals & medical device companies. Over the past few years, Sterima went through an important transition. The company evolved from a product to a service provider.

By offering sterilisation of reusable surgical instruments, Sterima became a pioneer in the outsourcing of sterilisation services.


DWA is present in 100 countries and has more than 400 installations in Germany.

DWA is a global player for the conception, implementation and maintenance of water treatment, concentrate supply and distribution systems for dialysis facilities.

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HERCO, founded in 1947, manufactures and supplies complete water treatment solutions for industrial, dialysis and hospital applications and is currently present in more than 50 countries.

HERCO’s expertise enables your competitive advantage through highly reliable energy and water saving solutions with optimised recovery.