Medicole Becomes Part Of Pollet Medical Group

2019 is a milestone for Pollet Group. The group brought together specialised companies in the medical branch and founded Pollet Medical Group. With the company Medicole, the group welcomes a 6th member.

Medicole was founded in 2001 and is specialised in dialysis therapies and other extra-corporal blood treatments (apheresis, cardiovascular surgery, etc.). The company also offers a range of wound-care products and compact blood chemistry analysers.

They have exclusivities in the Belgium-Luxemburg market, but also distribute to Africa and the Middle-East. Next to their commercial activities, Medicole acts as a consultant for international companies and organisations.

Pollet Medical Group is part of Pollet Group. The group around Jacques Pollet exists of 3 main branches: water, pool & medical. Pollet Water Group consists of 25 companies active in water treatment. Pollet Pool Group includes 9 distribution points and 2 manufacturers who support the professional pool builders. The latest addition is Pollet Medical Group with in total 6 specialised medical treatment companies. Differentiating & expanding new activities has always been part of the group’s DNA and proven successful in the past.

Medicole can be considered as the Belgian equivalent of Hemotech. Medicole & Hemotech, already worked closely together thanks to the partners and products they have in common in their own territories. Having both companies in the same group, fits the ambition of Pollet Medical Group as an European leader and full-service provider for hospitals, medical companies and dialysis centres.

Pollet Medical Group, reinforces its position. Each of these 6 companies are indispensable because of their specific knowledge, knowhow and expertise. All of these companies share the same DNA: a family business with local roots and an
excellent reputation

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