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HERCO, founded in 1947, manufactures and supplies complete water treatment solutions for industrial, dialysis and hospital applications and is currently present in more than 50 countries.

HERCO’s expertise enables your competitive advantage through highly reliable energy and water saving solutions with optimised recovery. We attach great importance to an ecologically and technologically responsible selection and use of resources and materials.

To maintain the technological lead, we continuously improve our products. To assure quality, every system goes through our test bench and is wet tested for full functionality and achievement of the specifications, prior to leaving the factory.

Benefit from our knowledge and many years of experience in water treatment technology. In our modern Herco-Academy we offer various training courses for beginners as well as for specialists and, if necessary, also adapt the training courses to your requirements.

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Our added value

  • German manufacturer with over 70 years’ expertise
  • Benchmark setting water treatment technology
  • Expert for dialysis appliance
  • Profitable operation by highest efficiency
  • Highest reliability and operational safety
  • Successful worldwide distribution
  • Medical certification
  • ISO-certified

Our Offer

  • Engineering, construction and realisation of medical water treatment systems including required accessories.

Herco Wassertechnik GmbH

Planckstraße 26
71691 Freiberg