Pollet Medical Group, part of Pollet Group

As part of Pollet Group, water is what connects us. Water is key in every process we are involved, every milestone we reach, every future development we will be part of. Water, Pool & Medical Experts worldwide work day-in-day out on intelligent and user-friendly solutions. Together we shape your next pool project, build your water treatment installation and offer you medical excellence.Pollet Medical Group is active in the integration of water treatment, concentrates and media supply for hospitals and dialysis centres worldwide. Our know-how, solutions & services contribute to achieve the best possible quality of life for dialysis patients. We integrate water treatment solutions in your hospital or dialyze center. We provides a full portfolio of products and service in the fields of dialysis and plasmapheresis. We deliver concentrates and sterilize your medical equipment. All our companies share the same DNA: a family business with local roots and an excellent reputation. Thanks to our combined experience, our complementary businesses and our skills in international development, Pollet Medical Group plays its role as a European leader and full-service provider.

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